GENERAL – Which operating systems will be supported by The Gate?

The Gate is multiplatform software. Windows, MacOS X and Linux versions are planned for the Initial Release.

GENERAL – It’s necessary a high-end machine to run The Gate?

No. The Gate is very light weight Application. You should not have problems to run The Gate smoothly with a mid-range machine.

WIFI REMOTE CONTROLLER – The remote controller is not detected by The Gate. What’s wrong?

The remote controller uses your private wi-fi network to connect to The Gate. Please be sure that The Gate is not blocked by Windows or Antivirus Firewall.

APPS – I don’t see my photos in The Gate. What’s wrong?

"Photos" read image files from the user's personal folder "My Images".

APPS – Which is the aim of The Cave game? Where are the other players?

The version included in the Technology Preview it's only the soul of the game. Multiplayer is not included. Levels is not included. Playability is not tuned. Anyway enjoy destroying enemies and land objects.

GENERAL – When the initial version will be release?

When we consider that the product meets the minimum required functionality and quality. At the moment there is no release date.

GENERAL – Will The Gate support more VR devices?

Yes. At the moment we are working on the following new drivers:

  • Sony HMZ VR Glasses
  • Vuzix VR Glasses
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Sixsense Razer Hydra