What is The Gate?

The Gate is a multi-purpose platform, exclusively designed for Virtual Reality. It is made from scratch by passionate VR dreamers for passionate VR dreamers. Please, read more about Virtual Reality & The Gate.

Our Goal

Our goal is unify users, developers, manufacturers and content providers in a unique and exciting platform.


How it works?

What do you need to cross the Gate?

The initial release of The Gate is under developmet. By now you can download a Technology Preview. To run it you will need:

  • A PC running Windows XP or greater.
  • An Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2 to be used as main virtual reality device.
  • A tablet or smartphone is highly recomended to be used as main user input device.


We will support soon another devices and platforms. Please read our FAQ for more information.


What is included in the Technology Preview?

The Technology Preview includes only a small part of the planned features for the Initial Release. However, it contains the soul of the project. As of today, the product includes the following features:

  • Made from scratch. The App is very light, fast and responsive.
  • Fully compatible with Oculus Rift Developer Kit.
  • Includes an exclusive wi-fi remote controller system to be used as main user interaction device. You can handle all applications simply touching your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet through the wi-fi network.
  • Full voice recognition system (Voice control).
  • Speech Synthesis (TTS – Text-to-speech).
  • 3D sound system.
  • Initial developer API used to make the initial Apps. It includes initial 3d UI controls, some drivers, head up displays API, 3d sound system, etc.

And includes the following apps:

The Gate.

The Gate is the gateway to all the possibilities the universe of services, applications and experiences available in the system. The Gate acts similarly to the desktop in a traditional operating system.

Demo room.

An introductory experience to the system and Virtual Reality. From the demo room you can feel the 3d shapes and interact with the environment with the wi-fi remote control.


A virtual reality image navigator. From Photos you can navigate and view your photos in several ways: thumbnail, twister or cinema mode. It includes support for panoramic photos.

The Cave.

A prototype of a massive multiplayer retro-style game. Destroy bombers and worms and save the living nature.



An Earth map viewer. It uses maps from the Open Street Map project. Feel like an ISS passenger!.

Internet Browser

A new and amazing way to surfing The Web.

Voice recognition system

The voice control system is a very comfortable and innovative method to interact with the system. If you try it, you will not want anything else!

Kinect holograms, teleconference, video player & more…

Coming soon. Please read more about Technology Preview and planned features for the Initial Release
Internet Browser


News & Blog

The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.7 released. Oculus SDK integration.
Date: 10 Apr 2015
Today TG team relased The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.7 What's new? Oculus SDK integration: direct-to-rift mode seems more stable now. Internet App bug fix due changes in Alexa services. Categories (and......

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The Gate VR supports Spain VR JAM 2015
Date: 06 Apr 2015
The Gate VR supports the Spain VR JAM 2015 event!!! You can find more information about this exciting event on this link: Spain VR JAM 2015 Thank you guys for help us to make VR a reality.......

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The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.6 released. Maps app is much improved.
Date: 30 Apr 2014
Today TG team relased The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.6 What's new? Maps app is much improved! Framerate is much improved (75 FPS on a mid machine) Memory consuption is much lower Loading routines works better. Texture......

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The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.2 released with DK2 support (updated!)
Date: 29 Apr 2014
Today TG team relased The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.2 What's new? Oculus SDK 0.4.0 integration DK1 & DK2 Compatible Please note it has not been tested yet in a real DK2 model. We are waiting......

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The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.0 released with a VR Internet 3d Browser!!
Date: 29 Apr 2014
Today TG team relased The Gate Technology Preview v.0.7.0 What’s new? New Internet App Stability bug fixes         ...

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The Gate Technology Preview v.0.6.4 released!
Date: 28 Apr 2014
Today TG team relased The Gate Technology Preview v.0.6.4. This is a very recommended update for Oculus Rift users. What’s new? Improved Rift integration using SDK predictive sensor routines. Now the inmmersion level......

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